Being, is a graceful act, whereas brute will-power and endless craving can be destructive and inhibiting. Healthy surrender means allowing yourself to "be," rather than being in a constant state of want. When you focus on want, you become an endless cycle of wants. Heavy want can become an insatiable obsession and lust; even greed. Want is small and will make you small. Want is needy and will make you needy. Want, and belief in lack, shrink your opportunities. Want is an empty void — your real value is full and abundant. Want is always hungry and searching, whereas contentment is steady, calm and receiving. Don't be so busy wanting and seeking that you never realize you already have and are; you are your destination. Relax and empty your mind of doubt and want. Empowerment comes from self-realization and recognition of our internal gifts, which we already have in abundance. Some people, unfortunately, stay in a state of paralysis; in an endless cycle of want. The secret is in realizing your internal gifts and then setting them free. If you don't know your calling or gifts yet, don't worry, your gifts and purpose know you — and if you are open you will not have to find them, because they will find you.

— Bryant McGill

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