When you are embroiled in conflict, disagreement or challenging and painful circumstances, remember that this is the time to practice openness. There is seldom a clear solution to complex problems, and sometimes the best way to find a solution is to not look for it. Instead of looking for a solution, try to expand widely in both openness and communications. Don't listen to critics who may say your ideas are useless because they happen to presently be unaccompanied with clear solution. It is also unnecessary that everyone be of the same opinion, so do not listen to critics who say your opinions are invalid because they are inconsistent or incomplete. And don't shut others out because they have unfamiliar ideas and ways. What is essential is to continue communicating and the right ideas will emerge through the process of dialogue. This is how ideas work, and open-minded critical thinkers should always be willing to engage in dialogue, despite any differences of opinion.

— Bryant McGill

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