Everyone who has an abiding reverence for the sanctity of life wants to promote as much safety and support for people as possible. We are the world, both the good and the bad. We are responsible for what we are creating. Even the cultural momentum that is sculpting us through our values, politics, entertainment, literature and art was and is our creation. It comes from us, and it is us. The full mantle of responsibility is on our shoulders, and the great thing about life — the most magnificent thing about being these sentient human beings — is that we have been given the power of choice. We can change the world one thought at a time, one act of respect and kindness at a time and one soul at a time. Let the change begin with your choices this very moment. You are creating through your choices, even now. When you close your eyes to what apparently "is," and look inward to the infinite truth of what is possible through choice and imagination, you will discover vast landscapes of uncharted territory, clear open spaces for all people to exist together in harmony. We can build these beautiful visions together, through respect. The essential respect is the one in your own heart for yourself. The expansion of your own consciousness, capacity for love, humility and compassion — this is the path; this is the way.

— Bryant McGill

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