God gave you legs, but you have to do the walking. God gave you a back, but you have to stand-up straight. God gave you a head, but you have to hold it high and use it. This is not a religious message about being saved "by grace" or "by works." Believe what you desire about salvation. Jesus may give you eternal life, but until then, your ass is going to stay right where it is until you do something about it. Let's talk about this moment right now. If you fall in the mud, stand-up and go take a shower. Don't pray to be delivered from the mud. There are some things you can do, and you should certainly do whatever is in your power. God's favorite type of prayer is action. Get off of your knees and pray with action. God loves a prayer of action. Move your ass. Be grateful. Do something. Be something.

— Bryant McGill

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