Because of our interconnectedness, we all know that extreme poverty and exclusionary practices are violations against the basic dignity of people. The vast and beautiful world is the home we share together. Nature is our salvation, not technology or the intellect. Technology can neither save us nor destroy us, it can only aid the will, thus it is the will and our choices which determine everything. Nature is the ultimate technology; a technology we are still too immature, arrogant, possessive and careless to care for responsibly. Rather than trying to master nature we should start with the basics of trying to understand nature, cooperate with nature and share nature's life-sustaining blessing with our brothers and sisters everywhere. There are enough resources in the world for everyone. We must stop treating the environment possessively, and as an expendable commodity. We must protect and share the world. Sharing IS caring. A great deal of struggle and sorrow in the world comes from misguided feelings of pride of ownership and possessiveness, versus the humble spirit of stewardship as common temporary inheritors of the great resources of earth. The world has been loaned to humanity by the universal powers of creation. To believe we own anything is a ridiculous notion. We only own our brief, ephemeral experiences, during a flash of an appearance, in a small sliver of time. When we leave this earth, then every property, thing and even idea — all that was us — is left behind for the next generation.

— Bryant McGill

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