Life is an illusion which wisely prevents you from seeing yourself fully, because if we could see ourselves fully we would be paralyzed in awe by our own sublime design. But from time to time the illusion weakens, and we get a glimpse of that profound beauty. We have all felt it. Perhaps it was the way a child spoke to us, and we marveled as they became our teacher. Perhaps we sensed a living static in the air before a storm or while the wind blew across the forest, where patterns and sounds spoke to us with a mystical sense of meaning that we could not understand. In spiritual moments we nearly perceive a grand, divine conspiracy of interconnectedness between us and everything. Perhaps you have caught a gleam in a stranger's eye — a spark of strange kinship, and though they looked ordinary, you saw their unusual beauty. Maybe in that rare moment, you even considered that such a rare beauty could also be in you. Beauty speaks to us in moments, and then we forget. I wish I could convince you or somehow show you how truly marvelous and beautiful you are, but I can't. But, from time to time, in the moments when you need it most, you will be touched, and you will remember your own beauty.

— Bryant McGill

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