Look at the sad and perverted system of property rights as defined under American capitalism by her founding fathers. It was a ruling class of white male aristocratic landowners and businessmen, who took it upon themselves to recreate a new feudal system, under which the drastic imbalance in the standards of living between the very rich and the very poor was preserved in perpetuity. Our new millennium capitalist world of the one-percent lording over the ninety-nine percent is hardly any different, when you think about it. Even today, real-estate ownership is the major divider between the wealthy and the poor; where landlords are as the name implies, lords of the land, acting as financial masters over a peasant class of renters. The government and laws define the rules, permits, and codes for building and land ownership, in order to keep the monopoly game players' pieces moving around the board from birth to the grave, with property taxes ensuring that even "owners" are really just quasi-economic sharecroppers, serving the true lords of the land.

— Bryant McGill

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