In nearly all countries, including America, the truth is that women have a lower social status, and are quietly considered inferior, if not consciously, then by the policies, institutional traditions, and practices, which reinforce the thought-form that men are superior. It is the totality of the woman's crippled status that quietly gives a nod of approval to further acts of injustice and domination. Too many women, especially in so-called underdeveloped nations work for unequal pay, and do so with very little resistance. This sad acquiescence represents the level to which the spirit of woman is bridled, broken, and conquered. While economic inequalities may seem less pressing than physical violence, they represent a mindset of tolerance for the violation of fundamental human rights and the unequal balance of power, which serves as the foundation for greater acts of indecency, injustice and hateful treatment of women. These economic inequalities are part of the same habits of thought that underlie the true and overt brutalities committed against women all over the world. Even though physical violence may be more obvious and more vile on the surface than other forms of subjugation and inequality, the truth is that both are expressions of the same perverse philosophy.

— Bryant McGill

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