We may at times encounter resistance, and find new understandings to be a source of fear and confusion, yet as human creatures we are nonetheless deeply compelled to evolve, and this is an inexorable and natural process. The process of social evolution is a natural emergence, based on free communities of social interaction and communications. This underscores one of the reasons why freedom of expression and freedom of peaceable assembly must remain sacrosanct. This is especially true of dissenting opinions and acts of absolute opposition and defiance against injustice. It is everyone's duty to oppose all forms of injustice, particularly the act of trying to silence the exchanging of ideas in relevant venues, where difficult, and even painful dialogue so desperately is needed. The higher-mind universally condemns any use of force, which seeks to intimidate, impede, or squelch free expression and peaceful assembly by those wishing to enter into the conversation of change. It is hardly possible to conceive of any act more disturbing than the intimidation of another free person. It is unimaginable that any person or group would dare to touch another person's body, or dare lay a hand upon a free, human being merely wishing to express themselves. It is unconscionable! We must always stand in solidarity and in absolute defiance against such acts of intimidation. Unless you are harming someone, you should never be touched or intimidated. Never stand by and allow a hand of intimidation to be placed upon the sacred and free body of an unwilling participant, nor allow a monster to reach into the mind or heart, and silence a free soul, with fear and threat of liberty lost. The most cunning enemy comes at your energy, image, or name, but the base and ignorant brute, the foul pig of a despot launches his whole selfish being — mind and body upon you, to suffocate your freedom. No law should allow or promote the silencing of opinions, or the directing or disbanding of peaceable assembly. Strangled in the clutch of brute intimidation, we are all made victims; first by the foul deed, and second by those good souls who do nothing to oppose it. Any law, or law body enabling injustice, must be reformed, and must be relentlessly ignored, with loving contempt.

— Bryant McGill

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