There is an unseen essential that is intrinsic, universal and guiding everyone who listens. There is an invisible hand at work in the making of beautiful lives. Uncommon success is found on the spiritual plane; you can't get there through common convention or following others. Hard work is not enough; many work slavishly-hard for little reward. Intelligence is insufficient; there are so many educated and brilliant people who have failed utterly and completely. Goodness is not enough; think of how many meek and good souls are tilled into the earth like manure by demigods to fertilize their crops of great fortune. There is something more — it is the unseen essential, and everyone has access to it. The unseen essential is understood as many things by many people. Scientists, philosophers, and theologians are ever reaching to understand, describe and commune with the unseen essential. Why do some people prosper and joyfully thrive, while others languish in abject misery? How do some escape poverty and poor environments? Why do some who come from amazingly supportive backgrounds still fail? It is the unseen essential that makes the difference.

— Bryant McGill

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