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I have never submitted my writings for publication anywhere, and they found their own audience over a long and consistent career of writing and publishing on my website. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all of the authors who have, and continue, to included my philosophies, writings, quotes, and aphorisms in their books. I feel like it's a real privileged. Similarly, to all of the newspaper editors and article writers who have syndicated my writings in your newspapers and blogs, I am very grateful.
Bryant McGill

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News, Events, Radio, TV, Media, Presentations, Appearances, Speaking and Mentions

  1. United Nations appointed Global Champion for the rights of women and girls, gender equality, and human rights — McGill is a United Nations appointed Global Champion for the rights of women and girls, gender equality, and human rights. 407 In 2015 he was commissioned by the Executive Deputy Director of UN Women to the Planet50/50 and HeForShe initiatives. In 2015 McGill spoke at the United Nations General Assembly Hall on Human Rights Day about non-violent parenting and gender equality. 408

  2. Subject (With Stipple Portrait) of Front-Page Cover Story in the Wall Street Journal — Social media, non-violence and protecting people from identity theft and cyber-bullying. 409 410 (Syndicated and discussed in Washington Times, The Detroit News, Naples News, United Press International, The Nassau Guardian, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.)

  3. Front Page Feature in the The Washington Informer, D.C. — Vol. 48, No. 33 May 30th - June 5th 2013 — Award winning newspaper print edition, serving metropolitan Washington DC for 49 years and reaching over 50,000 readers each week. 411

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  5. Speaking Appearance: Bryant McGill and Dr. Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Speak on Anti-Bullying, Non-Violence and the Nature of Passive-Violence at The Peace Center — The Peace Center, New Hope, PA, April 14, 2011 413

  6. Televised Speech with LA Mayor's Office, Charles L. Beck, Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Dept. (LAPD), Sheriff Leroy Baca (LASD), Lin Evola, and Sergio Duarte, High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations (in absentia). — Televised Event, Los Angeles, CA, November 14, 2010 414 415 416 417

  7. Voice of Reason Book Interview / The Mike Siegel Show — 50 Station Syndication. The Mike Siegel Show, April, 22, 2013

  8. Interview on Poverty, "Success", Weight-Loss and Dream Reaching — KAHI AM 950, Sacramento. Mary Jane Popp's POPPOFF Radio, April, 18, 2013

  9. Interview on Culture of Violence, Healing and Personal Revolution — WGCH AM 1490, Boston, Frankie Boyer of Lifestyle Talk Radio, April, 17, 2013

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  19. Expert Speaker at the Mind Body Weight Loss Summit — Presenting with Jon Gabriel, Dr. Mercola, Khaliah Ali, Andrea Beaman, Daniel Benor, Jena la Flamme, Katrina Love Senn, Frank Ferrante, Philip McCluskey, Joe Cross, Nealon Hightower, Carol Look, Holli Thompson, Renee Stephens, Marc David and Paula Robbins. (2013) 423

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  23. Goodwill Presentation at International Youth Leadership Conference in Prague, Czech Republic — 35 different countries exchange perspectives on contemporary global challenges, 2009

  24. Presentation on Peace and Human Rights at the UNESCO Charity Gala for Children in Need — United Nations, UNESCO Presentation, Dusseldorf Germany, Maritim Hotel on November 14, 2009 426

  25. Nationwide TV PSA with Bryant McGill, Lenny Kravitz, actor Lou Gossett Jr. — 12 Month PSA Cycle, Plum TV and NBC. Commissioner and spokesman, 2010 427 428

  26. Other Publications and Media to Source — Washington Times, Coast to Coast Radio, Detroit News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Talk Entertainment Celebrity News, UPI, Nassau Guardian, Newsfactor Magazine.


Honors, Awards and Recognitions

  1. Congressional Certificate of Recognition and Commendation — In 2009 McGill received a Congressional Certificate of Recognition and Commendation from the United States House of Representatives, during the 111th Congress, 1st Session in Washington, DC., where McGill was formally acknowledged by the nation's top representatives who applauded McGill's, "highly commendable life's work", and his humanitarian achievements, "as the founder and Goodwill Ambassador at Large to the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace." 429

  2. Mayoral Humanitarian Award from the Mayor of Pompeii, Italy — In 2009 McGill's project received an official mayoral award from the mayor of Pompeii, Italy, and from his Excellency, the honorable Mikael Al Jamil, Archbishop of Lebanon. 430

  3. Official Humanitarian Citation from State of Connecticut — In 2008 McGill was honored by the State of Connecticut, and by dozens of representatives and senators at the State Capitol in Hartford, by way of an official citation from the Connecticut General Assembly in recognition of Founding The Goodwill Treaty for World Peace, saying, "the State of Connecticut offers its sincerest congratulations to Bryant McGill, and affirms your effort and acknowledges your accomplishment. We are indeed grateful for your service and exemplary work. The entire membership extends its very best wishes on this memorable occasion and expresses the hope for continued success. Given this 1st day of October 2008 at the State Capitol, Hartford, Connecticut." 431 432

  4. Mentioned in the 2014 State of the City Address Speech by Mayor Ardell F. Brede. City of Rochester, Minnesota. 433

  5. Mentioned in the 2013 Commencement Speech of Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville/Yonkers, NY 434

  6. Writings featured by the President of Wittenberg University, Laurie Joyner for their "A Day of Respect" — "A Day of Respect," in connection with the Rise Above Campaign, encouraging dialogue on social media. 435

  7. Most Viral Article of the Year In 2014 — Bryant McGill's "Simple Reminders" article and book excerpt was shared over one million times, with a reach of over 120 million, becoming the most viral content of the year. This beat pravious viral post by Barack and Michelle Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg, and the Japan tsunami post by the New York Times. In 2012, Barack and Michelle Obama's all-time most shared post was their "Four more years" re-election victory post with 573k shares. According to CNN, the post received more than 550k shares, shattering previous records held by Mark Zuckerberg's wedding photo. In 2011, the New York Times most-shared post was the Japanese earthquake and tsunami which had 600k shares. 436

  8. 2012 International Finalist in Ron Howard and Canon's Project Imagination Competition — In 2012 a photo from Bryant's social photojournalism project with the homeless, "Faces of Poverty," was picked by Ron Howard's team as a finalist in Ron and Canon's Project Imagin8ion. The photo was one of 30 selected in the mood category from over one hundred thousand total submissions.

  9. Nobel Peace Prize Nomination — Over 100 people a year are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and receiving a nomination does not confer any official status or title. While it can be very easy to receive a nomination, I am still grateful to those who cared enough to make that wonderful gesture.

  10. Campus Installation at the Renowned Bangkok University — In 2013, Bryant McGill's writings on creativity and freedom were used as part of a campus installation at the renowned Bangkok University. Panadda Unyapho, Ph.D., Director, International Affairs gave Bryant the good news that his words are being used to inspire students as part of their celebration of 50 Years of Creativity. Bangkok University is internationally renowned for its theme of creativity. Bangkok University serves 29,000 students and is known for its stunning architecture and cutting-edge art, design and media programs. "Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty." 437

  11. 100 of the World's Most Extraordinary People — In 2009 McGill was nominated and selected by a board to appear in the book, 100 of the World's Most Extraordinary People along with Tony Lowe, Julian Lennon (John Lennon's son) and the "Juiceman" Jay Kordich.

  12. Tribute to Goodwill Treaty by Patriarchal See of Antioch, Lebanon — In early 2008 McGill's group met in Italy with his Excellency, the honorable Mikael Al Jamil, Archbishop of Lebanon of the Patriarchal See of Antioch, who paid a tribute to the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace, extending an invitation to the Holy See, Vatican.

  13. Torrance California City Council, Inspirational recognizing Frank Lloyd Wright, Bryant McGill and Oscar Wilde — Torrance, California City Council Official Minutes, Commission on Aging, 2010 438

  14. Honorary Pi Kappa Phi Lifetime Inductee — In 2006 McGill was inducted as a lifetime Pi Kappa Phi fraternity brother at Arizona State University

  15. Featured Poet of the Month in Poet's Letter Magazine, London — Mayenin, Munayem, Poet's Letter Magazine. Vol. 1 No. 3. London. May, 2004 ISSN 1744-3776

  16. Biographical References — McGill's biography has been profiled in the 22nd and 23rd editions of Marquis Who's Who in the World, 439 and the 60th and 61st Editions of Who's Who in America 440, the 2005 edition of the Cambridge Blue Book and the 33rd edition of the Dictionary of International Biography published by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England.441


Quotes, Reviews, Blurbs and Endorsements

For a world consumed by a Culture of Violence, a Voice of Reason comes as a breath of fresh, positive air. The only hope of transforming the world from the 'tsunami of violence' is for each of us to Become the Change We Wish To See in the World. Bryant McGill shows us the way.
Dr. Arun M. Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Renowned Peace Activist, Journalist, Author. President of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute

Bryant McGill is a creative innovator and unconventional change agent. He is making a difference in the world through his positive social media presence and global movement with the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace. Bryant is a master of long-range strategy (he had a twenty year plan!) with a powerful story! Bryant is someone to watch. I applaud his commitment to positive change.
Guy Kawasaki, Former Apple Chief Evangelist, Google Advisor and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Bryant McGill is a caring, global citizen with a world-view of confronting the hard issues. Bryant is a dynamic change agent you should know!
Ruth Messinger, President of American Jewish World Service

One of, "the greatest leaders, writers and thinkers of all time."
Inc. Magazine

Bryant McGill's poetry asks the timeless questions and answers them with words that resonate what is deeply true.
Professor Shirley McPhillips, Ph.D., Columbia University, Director of the Teacher's College, Reading and Writing Project

Strong, wonderful words and thoughts!
Michael Douglas, Film Legend & Humanitarian

Beautiful... (Simple Reminders)
Paulo Coelho, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"A of the top influencers in the fields of business, social media, marketing, and personal empowerment."

"McGill is one of the top social media influencers in the world, with more engagement than Oprah, Lady Gaga, and Tony Robbins combined. Now with a multimillion-dollar media empire, McGill is a dominant force in positive thinking and self-actualization."
Inc Magazine

Thank YOU for the beautiful inspiration.
Valerie Bertinelli, Actress

Bryant McGill, you rule!
Food, Inc., The Movie

A peaceful voice for change in a corrupt world.
Larry Flynt / Hustler Magazine, Publisher and Free Speech Activist. Landmark Supreme Court Case Winner

Bryant's insight is brilliant and life-changing.
Dr. Steve Maraboli, Internationally Acclaimed Behavioral Research Scientist

McGill's Voice of Reason is a brave and compelling call for greater individual consciousness and compassion. It is a bright spotlight on the powerful systems and situations shaping our lives, and the struggle for safety and happiness we all desire. The gentle force of his message clearly seeks to tame cruelty and restore human dignity. The power to create heaven or hell is within each of us. Voice of Reason is an iconoclastic tome of contempt for unjust authoritarianism, with an inspirational silver-lining that gives it all wings.
Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D., New York Times Best Selling Author and Psychologist. Professor Emeritus at, Stanford University. Former President, American Psychological Association. TED Speaker and Expert Witness at Abu Ghraib

One of, "the brightest minds in human history."
Foundation for a Better Life

I deeply appreciate Voice of Reason, Bryant McGill's latest effort to reach out to young people and provide an older man's clear and conscious guidance to a positive way out of our global crisis. As Rumi said, 'There is a field'...Beyond nationalism, beyond warmongering, beyond cynical elders who use our young people as fodder in wars that destroy all but their own short-term financial wealth and power. Beyond all this and into a real power that comes from truth, awareness, love and compassion.
John Breeding, Ph.D., Psychologist, Counselor, Educator and Activist, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Best Selling Author

McGill has written a humanist manifesto through the roseate glasses of agape Christianity, Vishnu Sahasranama and Theravada Buddhism. Critical theorists will be challenged by the proposed consonance between Plato, poststructuralism and Lao-Tzu. Purists be damned!
Constance Stadler, Ph.D., Assoc Professor of Political Science, New York University. Assoc. Professor of Organizational Culture, NYU. Acting Consultant on US-Arab Relations

Bryant McGill's 'Voice of Reason' is an important, timely and groundbreaking work. In it Bryant speaks boldly of love though is not afraid to explore how as a society, culture and as individuals we have strayed from love as a way of life. Voice of Reason is a guide for all of us to change through understanding and a road map for the transformation of our planet through unity. Voice of Reason is a revolutionary treatise which needed to be written. It has the capacity to effect the very fabric of society in both global and personal ways. It comes from the heart and speaks to the heart. Get it, Read it, Be it, Spread it!
David Newman, Acclaimed Musician and Yogi

Bryant...This is so exciting! I am so excited...really...about everything you are doing. God bless you in all you do!
Michael Jackson, The King of Pop

Bryant, I have long been a lover of poetry, because I am also very fond of brevity, and a poem can say so much with just a few words. I enjoy reading your poetry very much.
Ed McMahon, American Entertainer

...splendid ...absolutely breathtaking poetry.
George Plimpton, American Academy of Arts and Letters inductee and founding Editor of the Paris Review

Bryant McGill is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary world overview. He has compassion and common sense, sees the good in all people and is uncommonly kindhearted. In spite of the injustices in the world, Bryant has hope for the future of all mankind. He sees the bright and shining goodness in the core of humanity. Bryant upholds the creed of caring and involvement in humanity's goal for peace and fairness, because he sees the worth in us all, regardless of our race, religion, background, education, or place in the world. It has been one of my great pleasures in life to know this gentle man, who is so full of knowledge and has an unending spark for true justice for all.
Susaye Greene, Former "Supreme's" Singer, Songwriter for Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder

Bryant McGill is a major influencer in my life. He has helped me clean-up the dirt and negativity that has been around me, and he possesses the wisdom of the universe. His love for life is apparent in all of his creations. Life is a wonderful gift, and so are friends like Bryant, who work to remind us of the gifts we each have to give. 442
Gary Busey, Actor and TBI Activist

[Bryant's dictionary and software package] is a 'must have' for any musician, writer or lyricist! No doubt, there will be statesmen and government copywriters using this program for speech writing - if they aren't already! This software is a 'no-brainer' for inclusion into school programs and as an adjunct tool within the curriculum; it is simple enough to be used at the grade school and high school levels and provides such advanced features that university students will benefit greatly by using it as well! This very well may be the 'killer app.' of the lyrical world and it's FREE! 443
Professor Joseph Pisano, Grove City College, Director of Music and Fine Arts Technology & Assistant Chairman of Music and Fine Arts

Highly imaginative poetry!
Jules Archer, American Author, Humanitarian and Activist

Bryant, Expressing the admiration and enjoyment I feel from your work is difficult without insulting its true fineness and depth. I would just like to say thank you. Someone that works as hard as you is bound to continue to succeed at whatever you do.
Cher, Beauty & the GEEK 2 Winner

I was touched and moved by your beautiful words. It was a pleasure to stand on the stage with you. Thank you for your beautiful message of hope you delivered here today.
Gerald Levin, CEO Time / Warner, Inc.

Various News, Highlights and Updates

  1. Expert Speaker at the Mind Body Weight Loss Summit — Presenting with Jon Gabriel, Dr. Mercola, Khaliah Ali, Frank Ferrante, Joe Cross (Jan 2013)

  2. Dr. Arun Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Signs the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace — The Peace Center, New Hope, PA, April 14, 2011 444

  3. Bryant Meets with Tim Russ, Richard Hatch, John de Lancie, Brent Spiner, Virginia Hey, Chase Masterson, Herbert Jefferson, Jr., and Dean Haglund to Sign the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace — Goodwill Treaty Meetings and Discussions with Science Fiction actors for Peace, Los Angeles, 2011 445

  4. Bryant McGill has Peace Meeting with Gurmukh Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga Master and Sikh, to Discuss World Peace, and to Sign the Goodwill Treaty — Golden Bridge, Los Angeles, CA, April 07, 2011 446

  5. Acclaimed Musician and Yogi, David Newman, and wife Mira, Meet with Bryant and Sign the Goodwill Treaty — Description/Venue/Outlet, Gladwyne, PA, March 25, 2011 447

  6. Bryant McGill Meets with the Peace Activist and Musician, Snatam Kaur, to Sign the Goodwill Treaty — Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encinitas, CA, March 04, 2011 448

  7. Bryant and Eugene Wesley "Rod" Roddenberry, Son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Meet and Sign the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace — Private Meeting, Vegas, March 02, 2011 449

  8. Animal Planet TV Host and Trainer, Victoria Stillwell, Signs Goodwill Treaty for World Peace — Treaty Signing, Atlanta Georga, January 12, 2011 450

  9. Bryant McGill and Coco Martin, Filipino Actor and Activist, Meet Together at Hollywood Documentary Premier of NOY — Premier of NOY, Hollywood, CA, December 08, 2010 451

  10. McGill Meets with Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi), who Physically Blessed the Goodwill Treaty and McGill's Mission of Peace — San Francisco, November 21, 2010 452

  11. McGill Delivers Televised Speech on the Impact of Illicit Weapons, with the Mayor's Office, the Chief of Police, and Sheriff of Los Angeles — Televised Event, Los Angeles, CA, November 14, 2010 453

  12. McGill Meets with Earth, Wind and Fire to Sign Goodwill Treaty for World Peace — Private Gathering, Mobile, AL, September 06, 2010 454

  13. McGill Meets with Her Divine Grace, Dadi Janki, the 94 year old spiritual leader from India, who Signs Treaty — Community Center, Seal Beach, July 09, 2010 455

  14. Bryant McGill Teams-Up on National TV with Lenny Kravitz, Lou Gossett Jr. and Chayanne for World Charity Day — National Media PSA, Hollywood Hills, January 18, 2010 456

  15. Bryant Meets with Good Will Hunting Stars, and Humanitarian Activists, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, to Sign the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace — Charity Event, Las Vegas, April 28, 2009

  16. McGill Meets with Don Cheadle, Jason Alexander, Raymond "Ray" Romano, Charles Barkley, Annie Duke, and Montel Williams who all Sign the Goodwill Treaty Together — Charity Event, Las Vegas, Location, April 28, 2009

  17. Bryant to be Featured in New Book, 100 of the World's Most Extraordinary People with Julian Lennon, (John Lennon's Son) and the "Juiceman" Jay Kordich — Publisher Lee Travathan, Arizona, September 19, 2009 457

  18. McGill Holds Red-Carpet Celebrity Social and Treaty Signing Gala in Beverly Hills — Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills, CA, September 05, 2009 458

  19. Bread and Sunflower Authors Receive Letters from Presidents of Italy and France — Letters and Correspondence, Italy, May 05, 2009 459

  20. Best-Selling McGill Dictionary, Winner of over 30 International Awards, Breaks Over 500,000 Copies in Use — and Other Distribution Sites, March 02, 2009

  21. Bryant McGill Distinguished with Congressional Certificate of Recognition and Commendation — 111th Congress, 1st Session, Washington, DC., February 23, 2009

  22. Goodwill Treaty Envoy Meets in Italy with Mayor and Archbishop to Receive Mayoral Award — Mayor's Office, Pompeii, Italy, February 11, 2009 460

  23. Bryant at Super Bowl XLIII Raising Awareness for the Matthew Tryson Bryant Foundation — Super Bowl XLIII Events, Tampa Bay, Florida, February 02, 2009 461

  24. McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme in Limca Book of World Records — Limca Publishing, Mumbi, India, January 01, 2009 462

  25. Goodwill Treaty Ambassadors Attending Congressional Gala in Washington, D.C. — Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C., November 09, 2008 463

  26. Bibi McGill, Beyonce's Lead Guitarist, Signs Goodwill Treaty — Private Signing, Portland, OR, October 20, 2008 464

  27. Grammy Award-Winning Rock Band, Los Lonely Boys Sign Goodwill Treaty for World Peace — Private Meeting, October 19, 2008

  28. Book and Peace Writings Endorsed by United Nations UNESCO and European Parliament. McGill Invited to Speak at the Festival of Peace and Solidarity at the municipality of Naples. Treaty Leadership Makes Presentation. — Social RIA Television, Europe, October 14, 2008 465

  29. Bryant McGill On-Stage on VH1 as Guest MC Introducing Bret Michaels and Great White for Charity Concert in Texas — VH1/MTV, Texas, October 09, 2008 466

  30. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and Iconic Musician, Dave Mason, Signs Goodwill Treaty — Private Signing, Ojai, September 02, 2008

  31. George Noory, Emmy Award-Winning Broadcaster of Coast-to-Coast, Signs Goodwill Treaty for World Peace — Private Dinner, Los Angeles, CA, July 07, 2008

  32. Bryant McGill Plays in the World Series of Poker's Ante-Up for Africa Raising Funds for Darfur — ESPN/WSOP, Las Vegas, July 01, 2008 467

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  426. Human Rights and Goodwill Treaty Presentation. Attendees also included Jermaine Jackson, magician Hans Klok, Forest Whitaker, Jane Fonda, Paul Potts and Tommy Hilfiger. 

  427. In 2010, Bryant was a project commissioner appearing with musician Lenny Kravitz, actor Lou Gossett Jr., Latin singing sensation, Chayanne, Miami Heat's forward Udonis Haslem, and others for a charity day, public service announcement project. McGill joined the project appearing on television for 12 months. 

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  452. Bryant McGill met with Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, in San Francisco where he received darshan, and presented Amma with the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace. 

  453. McGill delivered a televised speech at the historic Illicit Weapons Destruction ceremony, initiating the transformation of illicit weapons to create The California Peace Angel in Los Angeles. McGill spoke on the stage with the LA Mayor's Office, Charles L. Beck, Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Dept., Sheriff Leroy Baca, Lin Evola, Founder of The Art of Peace Charitable Trust, and Sergio Duarte, High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations, in absentia. McGill spoke as an Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill, along with Gerald Levin, the Former CEO Time/Warner, who both offered their insights regarding the impact of illicit weapons. Other speakers included Billie Weiss of VPCGLA, Robert Vinson, city council members Tom LaBonge, Janice Hahn, Jan Perry, and Guillermo Cespedes, the Director of Gang Reduction & Youth Development and Robert Sainz, Economic Development Director. 



  456. Bryant McGill joins musician Lenny Kravitz, actor Lou Gossett Jr., Latin singing sensation, Chayanne, Miami Heat's forward Udonis Haslem, and others, for a World Charity Day project. McGill is presently appearing in World Charity Day's compassionate, international media campaign honoring the world's charities, through a year-long media blitz and prime-time public service announcement featuring himself and other recognizable faces simply saying, "thank you." The TV campaign is airing on the Plum TV Network and ABC, and will be culminating on 10.10.2010 with the World Charity Day summit and international musical concerts with performances by Grammy award-winning, top musical artists. 

  457. McGill was nominated and selected to be featured in an exclusive coffee table publication, series, and high end global directory consisting of extraordinary photographers, teachers, motivators, and those who inspire. The publication editors commented that, "Bryant McGill and Tony Lowe both make this world a better place by exhibiting grand talents put to good use, and through their amazing spirit of giving to others as a priority." Along with McGill, other featured personalities include Tony Lowe, Julian Lennon, and the "Juiceman" Jay Kordich to name just a few. 

  458. Bryant McGill held his premier Celebrity Social and Treaty Signing Gala in Beverly Hills at the Four Season's Beverly Wilshire, which hosted over 100 celebrities, VIPs, industry professionals and invited guests. McGill's awareness social included positive networking with forward thinking people, discussions about world peace, art displays by renowned artists, entertainment, and treaty signings. 

  459. Authors of the book "Bread and Sunflower" Antonia Tosini and Bryant McGill, forward and contributor, have received letters of appreciation from the president of Italy Giorgio Napolitano, and from Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the wife of France's President, Nicolas Sarkozy. The book of poems and meditations on peace and human rights is written in Italian and English, and features cover art by the Florentine painter, Maurizio Vinante, and notes by film director, Rachid Benhadj. All proceeds from the book will be donated to the Onlus "TRAM AFRICAN" to help build a hospital in Kenya. 

  460. Ambassador Antonia Tosini and Consulate Daniela Fiorentino have met on behalf of the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace with the Mayor of the City of Pompeii and the Archbishop of Lebanon. While attending the first international round table on peace in Lebanon, his Excellency, the honorable Mikael Al Jamil, Archbishop of Lebanon paid a formal ecclesiastical tribute to the Goodwill Treaty. The Mayor of Pompeii then presented our visiting dignitaries with a mayoral award in memory of the occasion. Further envoys to deepen our relationships will occur when the US Treaty leadership visits Italy in our upcoming European parliamentary tour and visit to the Hague Peace Conference. Meetings with: Dott. Antonio Ebreo - Assessore alla Cultura e Turismo - Sindaco Avv.Claudio D'Alessio - l'Arcivescovo Mikael Al Jamil. 

  461. Attended Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay, Florida on January 29th through February 3rd. McGill will be attending this event with purpose of heart and an agenda of networking, supporting worthy causes, generating awareness for the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace. Activities include back-stage weekend with with actor, Kevin Costner, Jenny McCarthy, Ray Lewis, Jim Carrey, NFL Great Michael Strahan, Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, DJ Tendaji Lathan and over 100 NFL and sports stars. Other guests will include Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Owner, the Owner of the Atlanta Falcons, the Owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, the President of American Airlines, the CEO of Mirage Casinos and many more interesting individuals. Kevin Costner's band, "Modern West" and "Starship SuperGroup" starring Mickey Thomas, Bobby Kimball, Lead Singer of Toto, Jimi Jamison, former leader single of Survivor and Skip Martin, Former Lead Singer of Kool & The Gang and The Dazz Band 

  462. The McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme received a published mentioned in 2009 Limca Book of World Records. 

  463. Ambassadors of the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace attended the 31st Annual Gala for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. The event will feature presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, IL, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, Actress Rosie Perez, Tony Plana, Star of ABC's hit comedy "Ugly Betty", Hon. Jose E. Serrano, NY-16, Hon. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, FL-18, Hon. Solomon P. Ortiz, TX-27, Grammy Nominated Mariachi Sol de Mexico, de Jose Hernandez and the San Angelo, Texas brothers, guitarist Henry Garza, bassist JoJo Garza, and drummer Ringo Garza of the Grammy Award Winning, Los Lonely Boys who have all just recently become official supporters and signers the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace. 

  464. Bibi McGill is a world famous guitarist, actress, and model. Prior to her current gig rocking the stage as Beyonce's lead guitarist, she was touring with Pink, blazing the stages of London, Spain, Singapore, Germany, and Australia with her high-voltage licks and stage moves. 

  465. Bryant McGill was chosen to write the preface and be a contributing author for Antonia Tosini's book of bilingual poems and meditations on peace and human rights entitled, "Bread and the Sunflower." The book, which is written in Italian and English features cover art by the Florentine painter, Maurizio Vinante, and notes by film director, Rachid Benhadj. The book has received official sponsorship from the United Nations UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and support and sponsorship from European Parliament, Parliament of the Council of Ministers and Social RIA Television. McGill has been invited to speak regarding the project at the Festival of Peace and Solidarity at the municipality of Naples. 

  466. Bryant McGill on-stage introducing the bands for a concert expecting 20,000 people in Gonzales, Texas, which is central to Austin, San Antonio and Houston. The event, which is being filmed by VH1 will be headlining Bret Michaels as a part of VH1's "Rock of Love Tour," and featuring bands AXE, Great White, the legendary Augie Meyers and Electric Ocean. A portion of festival proceeds benefits Norma's House in Gonzales. Norma's House, which is one of 61 child advocacy centers in the state of Texas. Norma's House helps children that are victims of abuse and/or neglect by offering a safe, child-friendly environment where children may tell of their abuse. 

  467. Tournament proceeds are going to Not on Our Watch, the advocacy and aid group started last year by Cheadle, Damon, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and producer Jerry Weintraub, and ENOUGH, a joint initiative of the International Crisis Group and the Center for American Progress that's working to end civil conflicts in Darfur, Uganda and Congo. "It's just great to see everybody," Cheadle said as the first hand was dealt. "Don't expect to win, because it's mine." As a member of the Hold7 Charity Poker Team, over the years McGill has played poker against and hung-out with Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Adam Sandler, Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, Jerry Yang, Marcel Luski, Hoyt Corkins, Jamie Gold, Greg Raymer, Andy Bloch, Sammy Farha, Kenny James, Antonio Esfandiari, Jason Kidd, Charles Barkley, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adam Sandler, Ray Romano, Scott Ian, Kevin Pollack, George Lopez, Jason Alexander, Jason Priestly, Jennifer Harman, Todd Brunson, and countless other top players. 

  468. Katerina Graham appeared in TV shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Malcolm in the Middle and movies including The Parent Trap. She has recorded songs with such as "I Got it From My Mama." 

  469. Jermaine Jackson's Wife, Halima Rashid of EarthCare International Signs Goodwill Treaty for World Peace. EarthCare International, a charity headed by Jermaine Jackson, focuses on those afflicted with AIDS and children who are in need. Jermaine recently opened a care center in Nairobi, Kenya to provide medical assistance, shelter and love for abandoned babies. Jermaine has had the opportunity of working with Larry Jones of Feed The Children through his newly opened abandoned baby center in Nairobi. 

  470. Playing for charity to raise money for the Urban Health Institute during the third Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament and Casino Night hosted by Khloe Kardashian from the hit E! reality show Keeping Up with The Kardashians, and 2006 World Series of Poker Champion Jamie Gold. This year's competition promises to be even more fierce, with the grand prize winner receiving a coveted seat in the WSOP World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament in Las Vegas and other top-drawer prizes. Confirmed celebrity participants include Don Cheadle, Anthony Anderson, Idris Elba, Dondre Whitfield and Salli Richardson Whitfield, Aaron McGruder, Glynn Turman, Tommy Ford, Olivia Brown, Claudia Jordin of Deal or No Deal, Bryant McGill, Mellyssa Ford, Antonio Pierce of the NY Giants, 80's R&B heartthrob and radio personality Al B. Sure, Carl Payne, Chris Spencer, Kevin Hart, Mad Mike of MTV's Pimp My Ride, F. Gary Gray, Film Director - The Negotiator, The Italian Job, 104.3 My FM's Valentine, KTLA's Mark Kristi, and the Brunson Family professional poker players among others. Special celebrity guest DJ Spinderella will provide the soundtrack for the night, aided by a special performance from So So Def Recordings artist J-Kwon. The Urban Health Institute is a non-profit organization, founded by Los Angeles-based physician, Kevin Brown, to provide direct care, medicine and medical equipment in response to natural and man-made disasters. The organization enlists pro-bono participation from local health care professionals to provide public health education and information about the availability of health-related and specialty care resources in disadvantaged communities around the globe. Proceeds from this event will go directly to fund the Urban Health Institute's monthly health education seminars, quarterly health fairs and purchase medical supplies for underserved communities locally and abroad. 

  471. While on business at Pinewood Movie Studios in England, McGill dropped in at Dustin Hoffman's Party in London where he discussed his Treaty Project with supermodel, Agyness Deyn, London Ink, Olympic Athlete, Benjamin Challenger, recording sensation Julian Perretta. 

  472. The Hon'ble President of Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has sent an official dispatch from the office of the presidency calling the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace project "highly commendable," and sending her best wishes for our success. 

  473. McGill recently attended the gala event in the grand ballroom of the Bellagio in Las Vegas with Jay Leno, Jon Bon Jovi, and Big & Rich with Cowboy Troy. The event, which featured international cuisine, appearances by Champ Car World Series drivers and A-list Hollywood celebrities, was held to facilitate a live charity auction. Proceeds raised during the event's silent and live auction were donated by the newly formed Jenyon Foundation, Inc. to Keep Memory Alive, the foundation for the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute, a local organization that funds research to help find a cure to Alzheimer, Huntington, Parkinson, ALS and memory disorders. 


  475. Bryant McGill makes an appearance at the Super Bowl celebrity white party in Miami with P.Diddy, Jamie Foxx, platinum artist Frankie J., Season 3 American Idol Winner, Fantasia Barrino, G-Unit's First Lady, Olivia, Larry Johnson the Former lead singer of The Temptations and many other personalities. 

  476. Bryant McGill was the subject of a feature, front-page Cover Story in the Wall Street Journal. The story was about McGill protecting people from identity theft and cyber-bullying, and the experiences of some of his celebrity friends on Copies can be acquired from WSJ archives. The Wall Street Journal, Vol. CCXLVIII, Iss. 43, Page A1 (Cover Story, August 2006, Potemkin Visages.) 

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