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This is the latest release of a software rhyming dictionary derived from his award-winning McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme, which is used by over 500 thousand writers, educators, students, aspiring poets, and songwriters.


This essential reference, dedicated for free, to "poets and song-writers everywhere," is perfect for poets, songwriters, lyricists, copywriters, advertising agencies, pathologists, speechwriters, advertisers, teachers, students, researchers, linguists, writers, or anyone who enjoys rhyming words. The electronic reference software can even be run from a portable USB thumb/jump drive, which may be carried in the user's pocket, making this reference perfect for students and those on the go.

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This is a 'must have' for any musician, writer or lyricist! No doubt, there will be statesmen and government copywriters using this program for speech writing (if they aren't already!). This software is a 'no-brainer' for inclusion into school programs and as an adjunct tool within the curriculum; it is simple enough to be used at the grade school and high school levels and provides such advanced features that university students will benefit greatly by using it as well! This very well may be the 'killer app.' of the lyrical world and it's FREE!" More...

~Professor Joseph Pisano
Director of Music and Fine Arts Technology
Assistant Chairman of Music and Fine Arts
Grove City College, Grove City, PA

Application Features

Who Could Use It?

In many walks of life and professions there is a necessity for the clever manipulation of words and word sounds. The FREE ELECTRONIC VERSION of McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme is a tool for super-creativity and super-productivity. The President's speech writer could use it, CNN news writers, the world's leading news papers and magazines, a fourth grader, college students, the self-employed marketer, internet companies who publish content on the web, teachers, professors, the world's best selling authors, the struggling poet or playwright, advertising agencies, and anyone who is concerned with the rhyming relationships of words, such as:

Ad Agencies, Authors, Children, College Students, Copywriters, Educators, High School Students, Journalists, Linguists, Lyricists, Marketing Pros, Pathologists, People on the Go, Playwrights, Poets, Politicians, Professors, Writers, Reporters, Scholars, Song Writers, Speechwriters, Students, Teachers, Thinking People, abd Wordsmiths.

VersePerfect: The Editor of Choice for Songwriters, Poets, Rappers and Copywriters.

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