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You may have heard about the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling book, Simple Reminders, on SiriusXM when Bryant McGill, Tony Robbins and Oprah were interviewed about the Simple Steps you can take to reach your dreams. Bryant was the cover-story of OM-Times discussing Simple Reminders, and appeared in a PBS Special with Jack Canfield, and, appeared in Inc Magazine where Simple Reminders was mentioned! See what the buzzz is all about!


Read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling writings that have struck a chord in the hearts of millions of people around the world, becoming a new media publishing phenomenon among the most shared content in Facebook history. As a prolific author published in hundreds of books by the world's major publishers, Bryant McGill delivers an impassioned voice of spiritual teachings in Simple Reminders, a book of real-talk and action for recovery, healing, transformation, and thriving! Enjoy beautiful original art, photography, and written contributions by Jenni Young McGill. With over 60 million readers, discover why people around the world are proclaiming that these simple writings have positively changed their lives forever. Learn the tools and patterns of thinking to cultivate more beauty in your life, build confidence, escape from toxic relationships, move through pain and conflict, forgive people who have hurt you, and uncover your highest purpose in life.



"Simple Reminders was one of THE best personal development books I've ever read. It really is filled with eye opening insights, truly simple reminders about human nature, suffering, ego and developing oneself and transforming our self sabotaging ways. Great advice without being preachy. I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone. This will truly open your eyes."
Amazon Customer

"This book, is by far, one of the best books I have read on self-realization and happiness. I have been going through a very difficult period in my life, and even moreso than seeing my therapist, this book has helped me. Thank you, Bryant, for your wonderful words.....I have learned so much about myself and my relationship with myself, family, friends, etc.My healing has been that much more advanced because of this book."
Allison German

"This is right up there with one of the best books I've ever read. It came to me at a time in my life when I really needed to embrace the precepts contained in it and it has truly been life changing. It gave me permission to pursue the freedom I seek and to love myself enough to not be controlled by others that are toxic in my life. I have effectively and easily let go of that relationship and am moving forward towards an amazing future. Things are falling in place and I am experiencing joy and a fresh new future. This book validated what was already resonating in my soul, I just didn't know I could align my thoughts and life with radical thoughts of love for myself and others, and living a life of freedom on my own terms."
Kimberly A.

"This book of Simple Reminders is the one book that has caused the most massive transition in my life, my lifestyle, in my life-vision and finally in my life-plan. The simple, yet profound and deeply moving quotes enhanced on their beautiful photography, reach and touch places in my heart that I had forgotten, existed. I was compelled to remember joys and unexplained happiness, I had felt only as a child. Bryant McGill and Jenni Young have given the world a book that I can envision to be a staple in every library and household in the world. I wish them tremendous success in every aspect of their lives. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the hard-cover of this book. I will definitely be ordering many copies."
Sama Dewan

"A Blessed Powerful Presence. Exceptional writing, inspiration with a little bit of an @$$ kicking. A push-pull on the same direction: high-up! I'm so glad I found his books. Bryant is blessed, and even more so for wanting others to realize their own blessings."

"Awakening to the beauty of you. Simple Reminders has forever changed my life. I spent many years in the self-help aisle of Barnes and Noble during the 90's and 00's on my lunch hours hoping to find the answers. What I thought was an awakening was really just the beginning. Simple Reminders has allowed me to bloom only to realize their is more to come as I consciously work at applying the knowledge I have gained from this book. A must read."
Amazon Customer

"Bryant McGill's Simple Reminders can be a life-changing addition to your bookshelf. I enjoy curling up with his book when my life gets stressful and being reminded that everything will turn out okay as long as I stay true to myself. Thank you, Bryant, for sharing your work with us."

"Inspirational I recommend this a must read for anyone who is trying to focus their life in a more meaningful way."
Carol Q

"No matter how evolved we think we are, when we are caught up in a terrible tragedy we don't just sit around wondering what lessons we can learn from it — we are just simply holding on for dear life, hoping we can survive. Tragedy arrives in a blur, often accompanied by hopelessness, feigned calm and a fog-like numbness that feels like a surreal dream. The last thing we may need when in moments of tremendous trial is empty reassurances that everything will be ok. Often, it most certainly will not be ok. What it will likely be though is different, and you will be different too. It's better to just accept that things aren't ever going to be the same again. As for all the lessons, sometimes we need a break from learning lessons. Sometimes we just need time and space alone; we can always learn later. In the crossroads of a painful crisis what we always need is a moment to breathe, pray and accept our fate with dignity. This is how we steady ourselves against the great trials of life; quietly, not always bravely, but deep down in solitude, where we find our strength to survive."

"Love, love, love this book. Thank you Bryant McGill for writing it. I bought it because of a quote I read from it regarding letting go of toxic people in one's life. I have a close family member who qualifies as a toxic person and the reading in McGill's book on letting go was instrumental in shifting my thinking and actions towards this person I love so very much but whom is a total drain on my energy and life. I had to let go and this reading helped me do it. For a while I read it every night to shore me up because emotionally I was distraught about letting go. There are other readings on various subjects that are full of wisdom. McGill uses quotations from various sources that are helpful with any issue you may be grappling with, not just toxic people. Give it as a Christmas present to yourself and to those you care about."
Barbara Melton Perkins

"This is a wonderful read. I am quite a multi-tasker juggling a lot of things in order to make my own dreams come true. And when I make time to read; it must be concise, to the point, and powerful. It must zoom right in on the key message, like a laser. I must get it, and fast. It must reach me, speak to me, and beg me to keep reading. It must be insightful. Simple Reminders is all of these things for me. It's a wonderful collection of truth, backstory, insight, and meaning, presented in such a lovely and simple way. No, it's not an epic tome that breaks down and explains life for you, piece by piece. If it were, I wouldn't be reading it. I dread epic tomes. This book gets me, it makes sense, and it's full of inspiration and wisdom. Things that we should, and maybe do on some level, intrinsically know to be true. I believe it's called Simple Reminders, because on some level, Bryant and Jenni are reminding us... of basic and beautiful knowledge that we've forgotten. And the insights in this book work also as everyday reminders, to knock us back into place. Back into the flow. To keep us on the path. I love this book and I'm delighted to say so."
Stacie Hammond

"It is an amazingly inspiring, encouraging and life changing book. The written word is a powerful vehicle of ideas and empowering.
I plan to by the paper format when it comes out, so I can have it on the side table by my chair in the living room.
Highly recommend it!"
Norma S Rodgers

"Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! I can't say enough good things about this book, it puts life in a whole new perspective. Bryant McGill is awesome! Thank you for writing this, it speaks to my soul :)"
Sharon Flanagan

"This book is simply amazing! I am about 3/4 of the way through it. I just read a few pages at a time so that I can really take it in. It speaks to me positively in so many ways. I often let people know of "Simple Reminders" as the book and the facebook page. It offers so much truth and knowledge that are helping to guide me into a more positive place. I don't usually leave a review....but this book is by far my favorite!!! I have finished and I find myself reading it again and still learning. Bryant McGill and Jenni Young are brilliant!!"

"Such a wonderful reminder of what your heart always knew, and forgot or mislaid along the path. I had recently gone through some difficulties and Bryant's book led me gently back to find my way. Highly recommend this to anyone experiencing life!"
Mikell Cranberry

"Life is challenging, one way to survive is to look at our entire lives as learning opportunities in a positive manner. Bryant McGill's Simple Reminders, is just that 'simple reminders' to look at life from positive and different perspectives. His words have had a positive impact on my life. I use Facebook to get several daily doses of positive reminders, I enjoyed and continue to enjoy this book, read it on an ongoing basis and still I enjoy the posts on Facebook. Thank you, Bryant McGill. jebr"
Amazon Customer

"This is an incredible inspirational book. When I wake up in the morning I read one passage a day and it helps to set the tone and shape my day. I would recommend this to book to anyone who is trying to find their way and is on the path to wanting to attain a good life."
Amazon Customer

"Bryant McGill's book is my "go to" for inspiration! His words are moving and always "on point" when it come to sorting out any personal issues. I am grateful that he shares his gift of the human spirit for all to see."
Amazon Customer

"This book is one powerful 'ah ha' moment after another. For me it is one to read slowly and savor. The insights are simple, yet deep and amazing. I love reading the posts on Facebook and was excited to get the book the day it came out. I know it is a book (Like 'The Four Agreements') that will continue to have renewed value rereading it as I continue to change and grow. Thank you for these reminders!"
Rachel Jacobson

"I have followed Jenni and Bryant for some time know on Facebook and I have come to look forward to their daily posts of inspiration and simple reminders. They are so good at just sharing the right thing at the right moment for me. I am so excited that this book has finally been released and I have read it through and through. I pick it up and read a bit and then put it down. This is the kind of book that will continuously speak to what your soul needs in that moment. From beginning to end this is a great book packed with a lot of amazing insights!"
Ella Hicks

"Bryant has a way of smacking awake .. sometimes gently ..sometimes exactly the way I need to see things. Many wonderful " reminders" to be found in his book :D"
Amazon Customer

"Simple Reminders is a profoundly beautiful compilation of wisdom and inspiration. Bryant McGill and Jenni Young are gifted writers and artists whose succinct and soulful stores and gorgeous imagery speak straight to the heart, mind and soul. This wonderful book brightens my every day! I have been following Bryant ant Jenni on Facebook for over a year and am so grateful to finally have their wisdom bundled up in one magnificent volume of work that I can read and flip through at anytime. Thank you so much for sharing your heart in Simple Reminders. Two words: life changing!"

"I've been an avid reader for years. Rarely do I come across a book such as this. Every page speaks to my soul. I only came across Bryant's work on a FB post a few months ago and his writings spoke to my heart. Only someone who has experienced the depths of pain/suffering mental or physical can express those same feelings. I don't know much about Bryant or his past, but I'd say he's been there.
Excellent work this is a book I'll treasure and review frequently."

"Gosh... how can I say what the writings of Bryant McGill have meant to me? I've been through a lot of stress in my life the last couple of years and started following Bryant & Simple Reminders on Facebook a year or so ago. His writings have sometimes been just what I needed to take one more step & be able to face whatever the day had in store for me. They have touched my heart and inspired my mind to really think about situations that I may be dealing with. I can't thank Bryant enough for the thought provoking messages that have been a part of my daily life for so long now. I look forward to the postings on Facebook... and now I've got the book that I can turn to at any moment I need a pick me up or a clearer understanding of something I'm facing!"
K. Thorne

"One man or woman can change the world starting with "I am." Here's your opportunity to explore who you are and what you want to be. There's no one more powerful in the world than you, especially when you're ready for positive change and seeking your passion. Simple Reminders will assist you to define yourself, rediscover your true essence, and inspire you on your spiritual journey through life. It is a necessary companion for soul-searchers, self-help advocates, the lovelorn, business people, holistic practitioners, counselors, consultants, job/career shifters, parents, caregivers, people improving their self-confidence, and those stuck in a rut and going nowhere. Nowadays, that's about everyone. Bryant McGill and Jenni Young have created a beautifully illustrated, user-friendly book of aphorisms, inspirational thoughts, spiritual wisdom, and no-nonsense living tips that are essential in today's stress-filled world. Both the print and e-Book versions contain colorful posters of Bryant and Jenni's photography for visual inspiration too. I highly recommend to you their book of self-discovery. I've benefited myself in so many ways from reading and enjoying Simple Reminders. Now I recommend it to my clients searching for solutions to life's many challenging situations. You'll find Simple Reminders a small investment that produces a big dividend personally. It is a spiritual book with a powerful message of love that is simply irresistible. As a heartfelt gift to a family member, a special friend, or a coworker, it is simply perfect."
Amazon Customer

"It is rare to find a book that comes from the heart, motivated by a deep desire to awaken. It leads you by the hand through the vestiges of pain without faulting but enlightenment. I like this book for its honest and unpretentious message. The images could do with higher resolution. It delivers an inspirational read that does not judge but like an old trail guide, provides the wisdom and direction that will get you through most challenges in life."

"The writings of Bryant McGill, through Facebook and his simple reminders book, has changed my entire outlook in life, which in turn has made some tremendous changes in my life."
Karen Eckford

"He gracefully puts spirit and common sense together in a phrase. I feel as if I've visited with a wise friend...refreshed, understood, and eager for the next chance to meet. Thank you!"

"If you desire to nourish your heart, soul and mind this is the book for you. The photography is extraordinary. The words and lessons inspire great thought as well as guiding you to be the blessed being that you were sent here to be."
Amazon Customer

"Well done! Beautiful Bryant as I always called you :) I just purchased your book. The only one I have bought in at least fifteen years. Exactamundo and so lovely to know more of your story. You helped me once in a very personal situation, which, I shall always cherish with humbled gratitude. Our stories intertwine in many ways, and I am working on my first book too. Thank you and Jenni for reflecting kind hearts. Much love. Keep flying ;)"
Pamela Leigh Richards

"Through the struggles that I have faced in the last year or so the things posted by Bryant McGill have related a lot to those things. Its amazing that someone can relate so easily. It has gotten me through a lot and helped me keep my head held high!"

"I have been a devoted fan of Simple Reminders, Jenni Young and Bryant McGill for a few years now. I honor and treasure them and their teachings and regard them as brilliant fellow human beings, role models who are kind and generous making a real difference for mankind. I consider them true inspirational leaders who have a great passion for serving and guiding others. As Bryant defines: "Real leadership is less about leading and more about service. Real leadership is about giving, and carrying the dreams and hopes of others in your heart every step of the way. The distinguishing characteristics of a true leader is pure elation in seeing others prosper." Again, McGill and Young ~ true leaders! Once I began reading, I couldn't put it down or in this case, turn it off. It's clear that Bryant is a natural born writer and leader ~ a modern day Buddha, if you will. Touching upon everyday life challenges, walking our talk especially in today's world and shining light on loving and peaceful solutions... Full of refreshing insight and spiritual truths that dive deep and explore the core of existence and purpose: A kick~ass blueprint and resource of master teachings for discovering our real purpose, manifesting our dreams and living a life of abundance ~ love, joy and success! Pages of sterling brilliance were woven together and highlighted with pearls of wisdom from the Brilliant Jenni Young, whose heartfelt and uplifting writings served as the sweet icing on the cake, creating an entire symphony of pure inspiration. I especially love the "33 Meditations", as well as the "vow of total abundance" ~ and I am especially looking forward to implementing this! As far as I'm concerned, this book is a timeless classic ~ a bible of self~exploration and enlightenment and should be a companion to every nightstand. I will wrap up with one more quote from this masterpiece... "The master creators are masters of love. They inject, infuse and imbue everything they touch with the perfecting magic and miracle of love." Bryant and Jenni embody this! And we are all truly blessed because of it."
Mary Fabrykiewicz McTeague

"Absolutely amazing insight and wisdom in this powerful book! I always gain something useful from each simple reminder and can find the perfect tidbit that resonates deeply with whatever I am working on or focusing on in my life- I love it!"

"Life changing thought! Many authors try to inspire. When I read the words and thoughts of Bryant McGill and Jenny Young, I am MOVED deeply and Want to take action to make positive changes in my life. The concepts and thoughts provided are sometimes abrasive. They are for those who are SERIOUS about transforming their lives! You want to be moved to change, then read this book. My life began to seriously change when I started reading the works of Bryant McGill on Facebook. Why because He goes deep where most authors are afraid to go because of fear of rejection. He knows who he is and what he speaks is truth. His truth. My truth. Read to see if it is your truth! I bet there will be much for anyone ready to hear the hard core truth and ready to make positive changes. I am indeed grateful to know there is an author out there that is willing to hold nothing back and offer words for a world in need of AUTHENTICITY. True Authenticity. When it comes right down to it, are you ready to be moved to make transformational changes in your world? If so, then this book is for you! I will read this book over and over and over and it will be highlighted and written in! Why, because I'm ready for positive change."
Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson

"Inspirational & Sensational doesn't even begin to describe this book!! For every situation you face in your life, there is something in this book for you. I have followed Bryant McGill and Jenni Young and their Facebook page for quite sometime. This book is a marvelous expansion of their page. It gives such a larger and deeper insight all of life's concepts. How awesome to have a book which offers such inspiration and positive energy....those little "Simple Reminders" that all is okay, or will be okay. I absolutely love it!"
Linda Alcala

"If you want an inspirational, uplifting book, then this one is for you. BUT if you are looking for an inspirational, uplifting book that nudges at your heart, expands your thoughts and moves your spirit, then look no further. As a licensed professional counselor, I highly recommend Simple Reminders both personally and professionally as this is truly an excellent read and resource!"
Tina Donovan

"The work of Bryant MCGill and Jenni Young has been inspirational through their social media platforms. This book encapsulates that work and offers the reader more comprehensive content to really find ways to put the simple reminders into practice in your every day lives. I have enjoyed this book immensely and I am looking forward to the creation of a hard copy so that I can give it as wonderful gifts to those people that I can about. I will also be recommending Simple Reminders to my clients -Therapy and coaching - as a reference guide for their daily life."
Katrina Cavanough

"Life is full of highs and low, but it's during the dark days that the positive insights and support of your friends can be the comfort needed to uplift your soul and get you back on track. Simple Reminders is just that. A friend sitting on your shoulder when no-one else is around, whispering encouragement and inspiring a passion to be your very best. A spectacularly beautiful book, full of the wisdom and inspiration that can boost your faith and help your spirit soar. It will encourage you to dream bigger and believe that you can do and be whatever your heart desires."
Lisa Currie

"I enjoy that Bryant McGill always keeps it real. His honest quotes and short verses are both inspiring and thought provoking. I also appreciated that only are Bryant's writings in it, but he includes some of today's great thought leaders. A lot of wisdom is packed into this simple read. I'm glad I have it as a reference on various life situations, or for when I need a quick pick me up. What a great idea for a book, all these awesome quotes in one place!"

"Bryant McGill and Jenny Young are such a dynamic duo of inspirational life-changers. I have been motivated on a very personal level by their work. Simple Reminders and its beautiful content have changed my life. I have been a member of both Bryant's facebook page and SimpleReminders facebook page for a long time. Bryant and Jenny speak from their heart. Simple Reminders is the "GO TO BOOK" for top inspiring quotes and vivid illustrations, taken personally by Bryant and Jenny. Simple Reminders Book teaches values and that everyone in this world matters. This book will be a treasure to have in your library collection. I will be purchasing copies for friends and family."
Amazon Customer

"Throughout our lives, we often find ourselves waiting or searching for the next best thing. As a physician, I have come to learn that this waiting and searching slowly wears down, not only our physical body, but more importantly our spirit. We easily forget that what we are searching for - waiting for, is actually very close by - within us. This book will provide you as advertised: Simple Reminders. We all need them and I have never read a book more on point, inspirational, and chock full of ways to kick us in the butt and get us back on the course of belief, faith, and overall life satisfaction and success. This book is the best medicine I can take, myself, and prescribe for my patients. It is a must to have by your bedside as you awaken and as you prepare to sleep."
Charles F. Glassman, MD

"I have been following Simple Reminders on Facebook for some time and their beautiful messages are always just what I need to lift me up, so I was very excited to learn that Bryant McGill and Jenni Young were going to put together a book of their wonderful and inspiring bits of wisdom. I love connecting with all that motivates and inspires me on a daily basis. Simple Reminders is the embodiment of what I can turn to when I need a dose of simple wisdom, clarity, support and encouragement."
Amazon Customer

"This book was absolutely amazing. It was life-changing actually. I have been following the website for over a year now and Bryant McGill has become my favorite author of all time. I follow his facebook page and the Simple Reminders facebook page daily. There are so many positive affirmations and so much wisdom packed in this book. I feel like I need to read it several more times, although it was clear and concise. It was uplifting. It was packed with many perspectives from many different religions and many different points of view, yet it flowed like a calm river. I was amazed at how easily I could understand some of the complicated material. I have always wanted to learn about meditation and ways to find inner peace and basically that is what I have found in Simple Reminders. It has given me work to do on myself (which I need) ways to improve myself that I can easily do over time. I am just so excited about starting my new life! Thank you Bryant McGill and Jenni Young. This is going to be a wonderful journey for me :)"
Amazon Customer

"This is such a wonderful book. It hits all the major life challenges and is like a go-to guide when you're experiencing something, or need wisdom and encouragement on such challenges. The advice and inspiration from the authors and other new thought leaders is full of depth, but realistic. Words you can understand and apply to your real, everyday life. I highly recommend it as it is a book you will go back to again and again."

"I have seen for years on Facebook and they have such a beautiful page that I couldn't wait to get this book. I am a BIG fan of their page and watched them create a beautiful community inspiring millions of people. The book is filled with beautiful images and reminders that are so inspirational, as well as reminders that may serve as a catalyst for growth and change. I love this book and I know the world will love it too."
Renae A.Sauter

"What a wonderful collection of insightful, inspirational and thought provoking wisdom! A great way to start my day and keep me moving forward, deepening my awareness and understanding! I have followed Bryant McGill and Jenni Young through their Facebook page: Simple Reminders for sometime, and am always astounded by their simple, succinct thoughts, notes and quotes - this book takes these thoughts and deepens the conversation. What a gift for all of us! If you are looking for daily inspiration and wisdom, with the opportunity for contemplation and reflection, then this is the book for you!"
Julie Parker

"Bryant McGill & Jenni Young are truly inspirational. There are lots of people creating change in the world as politicians and bureaucrats fight over who has the better policy instead of listening to the people. They have lost touch with what is going on at grass roots level. Bryant and Jenni have not. Their writings, posters, art, and original photography have struck a chord in the hearts of millions of people around the world including mine. As inspiring thought leaders their spiritual and real life teachings are inspiring and the real deal, not the lip service we often see in the self help genre. People's lives including mine are changing for the better because of this book. Their empowering and healing messages are a must for anyone looking to improve their lives. Each day I look forward to their writings and posts and because of them I am a better person for it. As we all have challenges to face in life I know their lessons will be a simple reminder that I am not alone on this journey and that we all have the power to change & empower ourselves. Love this book and I know you will too!"
Amazon Customer

"This book is a treasure. Having been a fan of the Facebook posts for years, it is an absolute treat to have this collection of the very best advice, quotes, and imagery to inspire. Bryant McGill's insightful writings speak right to the heart of every person that wants to live a positive life and the original photos and graphics are the perfect way to receive his wisdom. I am going to be giving this book as a gift this holiday season."
Amazon Customer

"Having enjoyed the beautifully created posters from Simple Reminders website for years, I was THRILLED to see their writing put into book form! I think this is something that surely everyone should have on their eReader - at the ready for when they need that daily dose of inspiration or motivation. Simple Reminders is truly just that, simple reminders to live a healthy, happy life. I also think this would be a great gift for any age."
Amazon Customer

"Simple Reminders is a beautiful collection of inspirational insights for life and living. I have followed these reminders via Bryant McGill's daily thoughts and insights and inspirational thoughts. Now, this collection of many of the more popular ones I will carry with me, via my handheld device, and refer to them often. Thanks Bryant for your incredible work, your thoughtful mind, and your creative ability to express those thoughts in and through Simple Reminders."
Amazon Customer

"As a longtime fan on social media, I find Simple Reminders a very helpful addition to my daily meditation practice. The writing and images provoke a heartfelt starting point for deep reflection. Bryant McGill has an amazing ability to distill profound concepts into just a few memorable sentences, and Jenni Young's nature photography provides a serene backdrop for his words. Together, they have created an empowering book filled with meaning and beauty. More important, Simple Reminders keeps it simple — something to treasure in today's over-busy world."
Amazon Customer


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